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Avatar Life in the 26 letters of the Alphabet
First 26 days of April 2014

L is for “Little Black Dress”

Soundtrack: Little Black Dress, by Scomber
Animation: Ministry of Motion

Makeup: Eloh Eliot
Hair : Sunday Lemon
Wardrobe: Little Black Dresses & Jackets by Cocoro Lemon

High-contrast black-and-white photograph of Vanessa Blaylock dancing in a "Little Black Dress" (LBD) at Dance Island.

Dance Clubs:

  • Koncept Chocolat
  • 9 Gol
  • The Leonard Cohen Club
  • Virtual Chelsea Hotel
  • The Velvet
  • The Blarney Stone Irish Bar
  • Russian Club Luxor
  • Energy Club
  • 1 Gol
  • International Yiff Center
  • Dance Island

L is for “Little Black Dress”

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Work it, Vanessa!

PeepSideshow Darkward

15 April 2014

Yes ma’am! That’s my middle name. Vanessa “Work It” Blaylock.

PS: I’m exhausted! 😛

Vanessa Blaylock

15 April 2014